We empower businesses with modern technologies and help create digital products that are easy to use yet extremely functional. Our team of industry experts possess years of experience and thus deliver the best for your needs.

Our Services

What We Offer

Robust and Performant
ICT solutions

We take into account each and every detail of your business and come up with unique and meaningful solutions.

With VAJRATECH, you can experience smarter and efficient operation of your business with substantial growth. We believe that one solution doesn’t fit all and hence specialize in delivering tailored solution for complex and specific requirements.

Vajratech - Robust and Performant ICT solutions

Rest assured while our team addresses your problems

Having over 10 years of industry experience, our talented and dedicated team of experts can offer you:

  • Innovative, robust and secured ICT solutions
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Quality project management
  • Eye on detail for enhanced satisfaction
Vajratech - Rest assured while our team addresses your problems

What We Use

Our ever-growing digital arsenal

Technology grows at extremely fast pace and it is necessary for the digital solution providers to update themselves with the latest trends and innovation. We at VAJRATECH believe that learning should be an eternal part of one’s life and thus emphasize on growing our knowledge base. Our team of experts are avid learners when it comes to technology and innovation.

We make sure that we select the most feasible and reasonable technology for your projects while keeping up with the latest breakthroughs.

Our Work Flow

This is how we work on Projects

Planning and Initiation

Step 1: Planning and Initiation

Initially our team will interact with your business and collect all the necessary details. We make sure that our team is well aware of your operation procedures and the goal we are trying to achieve. In the course we also devise an innovative solution with high customer engagement.

Design and Mockups

Step 2: Design and Mockups

Based on the project nature, we create design mockups, wireframes, flowcharts and all the necessary components to have a visual representation of your requirements. As we iterate over feedbacks and suggestions, we come up with an experience that is solely focused to address your customers.

Development and Engineering

Step 3: Development and Engineering

During this phase, we work in 2-week sprints for enhanced focus on fairly chunked size of work. Any progress on our end is immidiately forwarded to you for feedback. We make sure all the goals and deliverables are taken care of and a perfect solution is developed for your project.

Fine-tuning and Launch

Step 4: Fine-tuning and Launch

Once we complete working on all the aspects of the project, an extensive testing is performed. We ensure that our work is production ready and that all details are handled correctly. We assist you with launch procedures and make sure your system is running as expected.

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