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A web application or a web app is a computer program developed in a client-server architecture. A client requests data and information to the server via. a web browser. The server returns requested information to the client and is visible in the web browser.

Web development in modern-day has many options and varieties. We can come up with a simple personal website in a matter of minutes while enterprise applications or a consumer-facing portal might take significantly more time depending on the features to be delivered.

Some common types of Web Application

What is the difference between Website and Web Application?

A website is primarily intended for informational purposes. It provides content for visitors in a traditional fashion. e.g. BBC and National Geographic website.

A web application is primarily intended for user interaction. It allows users to perform specific tasks with pragmatic inputs e.g. send emails, write and save documents, check analytics for a website. Some examples of web applications are Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics.

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